Gold detector guide

Gold detector guideIf there is a metal detector, there is a detector for the gold. Gold detector just like metal detector it also has many kinds of models and brand. Here are the popular gold detectors.

Fisher Gold Bug 2

According to of the consumer survey, this gold detector is the very sensitive gold detector it was been on the market for many years. It operates up to 71kHz and it gives an extreme sensitivity to the very tiniest piece of gold. The best gold detector to use within the small countries that have a lot of gold.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro

The GB Pro provides great sensitivity to a small gold. A friendly detector for the most user and if you are beginner you should read the manual, familiarize the settings, and can find the gold nuggets quickly. It can dig deeper than a maximum.

White’s GMT and Tesoro Lobo SuperTraq

It has an operating system for ground tracking

GPZ 7000 gold detector

The amazing of the sensitivity of this gold detector has Super-D coil has the great advantage in the field. It can go deep up to 40 percent. Including new technologies such as integrated GPS, weatherproof system, and integrated GPS. Easy to navigate in detecting gold, mapping and provide setting for icons showing.

GPX 5000 gold detector

It has eight timing its equivalent of eight detectors in 1. The three new timing added are Relic/Coin, Gold/Fine, and Gold/Salt. It’s more sensitivity and more depth enhance in finding gold in timing. The Gold/Salt time is for the salty ground when you are detecting gold in a beach. The purpose of relic/coin timing is for the deepest ground conditions. Great electronic it increases the target sensitivity and ground balance system performance.

Gold Detecting for treasures opens up an exciting travel in a new world and outdoor and unexplored adventure place with your friend and family fastest growing hobby. Gold detecting is a one way to enjoy the outside adventure for all kinds of valuable treasures. Gold detecting it can be an addictive hobby & sport but this is not just a hobby it’s involved a lot of money and it kind expensive too. The best gold detectors are the one who gives your personal wants and needs. According to on your budget, where you live and what you are interested in searching a number of different gold detectors where you have the option to choose.