Electric Saw Reviews

Electric Saw ReviewsBefore you begin your search on the market on what type of electric saw you are going to purchase, first determine what it is exactly the kind of cutting work that you need, the material you are going to be working on and portability, if this applies. In addressing these factors, you will need a guide on which top quality electric saw brands are offering in their product line the kind of electric saw that you need. Usually they will have deals or offers that will give you the most for the money you are spending on their product. Check out competitive sale prices among different power tools stores.

Electric saw reviews will give you the right kind of definition for each saw type that would assist you in determining the electric saw you are looking for. These reviews are informative write ups that you can access and easily refer to; presenting you with the product specifications as well as its pros and cons. Electric saw reviews are usually available in the web or any other power tools advertising media. Here are some reviews of most known electric saws.

The DeWalt Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw is a portable saw that is ergonomically advantaged and thus promoting superior balance. Since this saw is portable, you can place it either on a bench or table, and still would not have its functions limited. It comes with a hang hook that you can set to hang when not in use, to protect the base or the front handle. It uses blade tracking adjustment that enables protection for the blades after long rigorous use and also improves your efficiency when you have to cut lumber and metal pipes. It can cut up to 2 ½ inches, enabling you to cut thick pipes. It has a glass-filed nylon base that promotes long term durability.

The Milwaukee 6238-20 Deep Cut Portable Two-Speed Band Saw is a portable heavy-duty cutting machine with an 11-amp motor, used in DIY home improvements, industrial projects and construction. It has a cutting capacity of 5×5 inches, with two cutting speeds and can even cut through steel plates.

The JET 708115K JWBS-14CS 14-Inch Band saw has a 68 inch by 26 inch by 19 inch overall size on a 15 inch by 15 inch table. It comes with a 14-inch saw that has the capacity to cut through material measuring 6 inches by 13 ½ inches. It has a dust chute for iron and saw dust. It can cut through any type of wood and most metals, with blade durability that stays sharp for a long time. It has a one horse power engine that can impressively move the saw at 3,000 strokes per minute. This saw allows you to make angled cuts because the table can be tilted to any direction you need.

The Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw has a self-cleaning 4-inch dust port, a huge 16 inch by 21½ inch work table, a hinged blade guard with sight window so you can see what you’re doing, and two speeds: 1,445 feet per minute and 2,950 FPM, including a ½-1 HP motor of 110/220 volts. This saw allows you to have a lot of room to work with and has a stable base.

A SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw is handy and can accurately make straight cuts. It has a LED work light that can make it possible for you to see your cutting field better. It has a 2.5-amp motor with a universal speed that can cut through both wood and metal.

PORTER-CABLE PCC660B 20V Max Lithium Bare Circular Saws are high performance machines that could deliver up to 4000 revolutions per minute. It can cut different materials up to 2 and 1/8 thick and the model can be pivoted up to 90 degrees, allowing you to perform creative bevel cuts. The Porter-Cable saw is a partner tool in house remodeling and renovations.

The Skil 5480-01 13 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Kit has a 7 and ¼ inch blade, a13-amp motor and no load rpm of 5,300. It has a rear level depth adjustment that will allow you to create accurate small cuts. This saw has a two point line of sight aiding you in making cuts straighter.

DeWalt DWS535 7 1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saws have no load speed of 4,800 rpm or revolutions per minute, designed for both light and heavy duty tasks. It can bevel up to 53 degrees thereby allowing you to create slants or slopes in wood. You can use this in any type of house improvement.

A TruePower 919 High Speed Mini Miter Saw from scrollking.com allows you to achieve smooth and clean precision cuts on steel, brass and wood materials. It has a 71-inch power cord, two-inch blades, a tale clamp, 7,800 RPM, three-eighths-inch arbor, 0.02-inch blade width, and half-inch cutting depth. It is proven to be cost-effective power tool that you can work on surfaces like stained glass, picture frames, wood tiles, among several others.

The Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw is a small but incredibly powerful device. It has a 4 and ½ inch blade that can cut materials like plywood, oak wood and others at 2X4s with great speed and accuracy. It is convenient to manage with just one hand. It has a cutting diameter of two inches and it has a 5 amps motor making it more powerful than other small saws.